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The "BLOG FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS" is a site dedicated to civil engineers around the world. 
The main idea behind this blog is to provide information related to civil engineering in a much more simplified way as possible.
As a civil engineering graduate and having a work experience of about 5 years in civil engineering field, I always wanted to make things simple to understand which I was facing during my college days.
....if we are studying something,  then it should stay with us in our mind forever, and this is the main reason to launch a site which provides the information in simpler ways.

This blog is free for all visitors, anything you can see on this blog is free to download whether its a book, notes or any other things. 

I hope you have gained some knowledge form this site. 

And yes.....you all are welcome to contribute to this blog; And help us grow further.

Contact us.

Thank you !!!!!


your welcome to share your ideas with us in comments!


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